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Technical Workshop

Technical Workshop – It is essential that – once completed – water, wastewater and solid waste treatment facilities are well run and efficiently managed. These two aspects are critical to the overall health and well-being of the communities that the facilities serve.

And with the ever-increasing complexity of treatment plants – which are designed to deliver the very highest levels of benefits and outcomes – efficient post-completion operations management is vital.

Chokhavatia Associates will establish a definitive procedures manual and policy action list to ensure that a facility operates in the most efficient manner. This will be supplemented, as required, by a series of technical workshops designed to instruct and guide plant operatives and management to effectively and efficiently maintain the facility, enabling them to ensure optimum performance. Workshops cover all aspects – from design and concept principles, through to routine maintenance and parts requirements and, ultimately, to environmental considerations and government and community expectations.

Chokhavatia Associates technical workshops are designed to promote on-going high levels of performance that ensure well-run, highly efficient treatment plants. Workshops are specifically tailored to client location and staff competencies. In all cases, careful consideration is given to effective teaching and learning techniques. We do this by integrating technology-based teaching aids, and by adapting our teaching styles and communication skills to the specific needs of attendees. Our trainers develop an interpersonal rapport with students so as to maximize learning.