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Manpower Training

Manpower Training & Development Services

Chokhavatia Consultants Onsite Manpower Training provides the highest levels of professional instruction. Each aspect of skill training is tailored to the direct and specific needs of an organization, project, workplace, or staff capabilities.  Special and relevant courses are offered for the management and operation of any plant or facility.

Benefits of customized onsite training

If staff can be trained onsite, it eliminates the need for travel expenses and down time, and more staff can be trained at the same time. This allows clients to minimize costs, while maximizing the impact of staff training.

The Gold-Standard in training

Chochavatia Associates are recognized as a global leader in quality, real-world training for plant management and operation. Our trainers are experts in their field, and are exceptional communicators and instructors in all matters technical.

Because we offer a totally flexible approach, we are able to work with clients to select days, times, and locations to suit. This avoids any difficulties associated with travel and accommodation.

Training can be arranged as a confidential project in cases of sensitive projects or proprietary applications. Clients can be assured that our training delivers practical learning outcomes that staff and management will retain long-term.