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Up Gradation And Trouble Shooting

Up Gradation And Trouble Shooting  – In many cases, aging environmental treatment plants and water treatment plants utilize obsolete technologies and processes – leading to significantly reduced performance or even to plants falling into disuse. This is not only a serious waste of public financial resources, but it also puts the communities that plants were intended to serve at risk of disease or ill-health. Upgrading of an existing facility is often the most cost-effective, environmentally beneficial solution for obsolete plants or for currently functioning, but overloaded, systems.

The technical expertise of Chokhavatia Associates means that we can work with rural and urban administrative authorities to repair, or re-engineer, and subsequently re-commission older facilities. This will bring the plants in line with local or international standards and give them a new lease of life, and enable them to once again deliver the outcomes for which they were originally designed.

We are able to undertake upgrading and re-commissioning projects on early Chokhavatia Associates plants that have been neglected or fallen into disuse, as well as on those designed or constructed by other companies.