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Evaluation Of Plant Performance

Evaluation Plant Performance – Whilst global renewable water resource availability has not altered significantly in recent years, the demand for water has been continuously rising. In fact, the rate of demand is more than double the rate of population growth.

Governments, NGOs and local communities have made concerted efforts to meet an insatiable demand for water by increasing the numbers and build-rate of new treatment plants. In mainly urban areas, there is also a huge need for waste-water treatment facilities to provide potable and non-potable water.

This is indeed good news for some communities, although more must be done to address not only the surging requirements of people in towns and cities, but also the needs of rural communities who use water for food production.

Once a water treatment project has been completed, and is on-line, there is a requirement for continuous performance evaluation to ensure that facilities are functioning efficiently and effectively, and delivering the quality output required.

Chokhavatia Associates can design, implement and undertake a performance assessment and evaluation audit at any individual or networked water treatment facility.

These audits can evaluate engineering design, functionality, demand limitations, physical plant performance and condition, and operational efficiencies, to ensure optimum output and compliance to internationally accepted standards and codes. Audits can also provide biological, chemical and bacteriological analysis of water quality.

Audits will aid plant managers and operators to:

  • Preserve and conserve water resources.
  • Increase water-use efficiency and productivity.
  • Monitor water quality.
  • Manage any demand dynamics.