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River Survey

River & Hydrographic Surveys

To conduct a river survey, or hydro-graphic survey, engineers use their expertise along with sophisticated equipment to create a highly accurate map of a river. These surveys must take the effect of tides, temperature, currents and waves into account.

This hydro-graphic surveying data is then used by hydraulic engineers to perform various tasks, such as:

  • Hydraulic modeling
  • Determining water quality parameters
  • Aquatic habitat analysis or
  • Flood studies

Hydro-graphic surveys allow mapping of both the river surface, the depth of water, as well as the river bottom. The survey may include both cross-sections and contour maps.

The data and mapping can be used to determine water velocities and their effects of fish and other aquatic species. In addition, hydrographic surveying may also include obtaining information on soil and silt at the river bottom.

Generally, three phases comprise a surveying project—the survey itself, compiling the data, and using the data to support a project.

Some of the state-of-the-art equipment used to conduct water surveying includes Global Positioning System (GPS) locating devices, Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) devices and depth sounding equipment.

Huge amounts of data are accumulated during the surveying project, and this data must be processed and analyzed for its final use with various types of specialty software.

Surveying engineering is sometimes part of the due diligence process and would typically be needed prior to the start of design.

Chokhavatia Associates are experts in civil engineering and surveying, including hydro-graphic surveying procedures.

Chokhavatia Associates have the state-of-the-art equipment necessary to conduct extensive river surveys. CA engineers have vast expertise in using the survey equipment to accumulate the necessary measurements and data for hydro-graphic surveys.

In addition, CA have appropriate software and experienced professionals to utilize the river survey for a variety of project types.

Their hydro-graphic surveys have been used for floodplain studies, river discharge measurements, benthic habitat mapping, monitoring sediment changes, and planning for dredging operations.

CA’s hydro-graphic survey data can be exported to the necessary CAD or GIS files for use in preliminary and final project design as well. Chokhavatia Associates’ software also computes volume quantities, creates electronic charts and generates river contours.

Chokhavatia Associates provides quality assurance to ensure data consistency to meet all hydro-graphic specifications. Chokhavatia Associates makes every effort to provide complete customer satisfaction and river surveys meeting the highest technical standards.