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Environmental Management Plan

Environmental Management Plan Consultant India

Need for Environment Management Plan

Environment Management Plan (EMP) is devised to assess the impact of an upcoming project on the environment in the proposed location. The main purpose of the environmental management system and plan is to mitigate the adverse effects and maximize the possible benefits the project represents. The environmental components which are generally considered during the plan development include land, ambient air quality, water quality, ecology this includes the flora and fauna in the project location, socioeconomic, etc. It is important to formulate an effective EMP before every project is started to create a balance between the environment and development of a country.

Our Environmental Management Approach

Chokhavatia Associates provide Environmental Management Plan for various industries and public sectors. We devise EMP by considering the various approaches like technical, institutional, socioeconomic and public health. These approaches can be used for effective environment management. We also carry out assessment studies of the natural resources before drafting the EMP. We ensure that the EMP is easy to implement and it complies with the rules, regulations and standards set by the Central and State Pollution Control Boards, Ministry of Environment and forests, and other regulatory authorities. Our aim is to ensure that our clients are provided with a complete safety and environment management plan which helps them throughout their operation by addressing each issue clearly, and also to make sure that EMP is user-friendly and cost effective.

Our environmental management plan provides our client with guidelines to carry out their operations without disturbing the ecological balance, documentation to obtain necessary permits, methods to achieve environmental sustainability by implementing the Environment management plan, and provides complete information and required documentation of the project to the government to enable the government’s cooperation. We help our clients in monitoring the environment at pee-construction, construction and operation stages of their project to make sure that the measures suggested are efficiently enforced.

Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing the environmental management plan. We have immense experience in environmental impact studies, development of environment management plans and devising environment safety measures to prevent environment pollution, to conserve natural resources and to maintain ecological balance. We are dedicated in ensuring total customer satisfaction. Our environmental management plans are technically proven, economically viable to implement and have maximum compliance with respect to the norms of regulatory authorities.