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Environmental Impact Assessment Studies

Necessity of Environmental impact Assessment studies

Environmental impact Assessment studies are required to understand the impact of a proposed project on the environment. There are various environmental factors which are considered during the study. These are included under two categories: the primary data which considers the ambient air quality, water quality, land and biology at the proposed location and the secondary data which includes several years study of the environment at the proposed site.  These studies help in determining the potential damage that can be caused by a project. The Environmental Impact Assessment Studies are important for the development of project plans that mitigate the negative impacts, thereby, achieving sustainable development without altering the ecological balance. Environment Impact Assessment Studies helps us in implementation of effective Environment Management Plans.

We are the best environment consultants

Chokhavatia Associates have enormous experience in Environmental Impact Assessment studies. We have successfully carried out Environmental Impact Assessment Studies for Industries such as Chemical, dyes and intermediates, heavy chemicals, cement, pharmaceutical bulk drugs, Common effluent treatment plants and various small scale and large scale development projects. By considering the primary and secondary data collected during the EIA studies we provide our clients with ways to overcome the potential environmental consequences at the initial stage of project planning. Through our studies we help our clients to develop cost effective project plans and also help in engineering successful project designs. We offer Stakeholder management and help in achieving regulatory norms set by Central Pollution Control Board and other regulatory authorities.

Our Environmental Impact Assessment services include Feasibility studies, Environmental management plans, stakeholder management, obtaining regulatory permits, environmental monitoring and environment assessment, mitigation and planning. We have highly trained professionals who are experts in carrying out environmental assessment on the basis of data collected. They are capable of predicting future environment trends and are proficient in offering effective alternative plans.

Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in drafting the environmental impact Assessment studies. We have immense experience in environmental impact studies, development of environment management plans and devising environment safety measures to prevent environment pollution, to conserve natural resources and to protect ecological balance. We are dedicated in ensuring total customer satisfaction. Our environmental impact Assessment studies have helped various industries to achieve the expected regulatory standards and to develop economic project plans and designs. It has also provided them with means to achieve sustainable Industry development.