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Environmental Compliance Audits

Environmental Compliance Audit Report & Training in India

Environmental compliance audits are thorough inspections and reviews of facilities to ensure a company or site is meeting environmental regulations. With the huge number of ever-changing environmental rules, maintaining compliance can be challenging for any business. Environmental compliance services can help companies not only meet current regulations, but help them prepare for upcoming rules in the future.

An environmental compliance audit may include a review of compliance with local, state or federal rules as well as internal company policies. In addition, if there are any requirements due to previous legal issues, those would be addressed as well. The goal of the regulatory compliance audit is not only to protect the environment, but also to help the company manage risk.

The scope of this type of environmental consulting may vary. A regulatory compliance audit may incorporate all media, including air, soil, water, energy, noise and waste. Or the scope may consist only of an environmental site assessment for one regulated area, such as soil. Each audit is custom designed for an individual facility to ensure environmental regulation compliance specific to that site.

Environmental compliance consulting allows a company to identify and address any existing or potential environmental issues before they become legal issues or lead to regulatory fines and penalties. Educating the company’s staff on environmental compliance is also a part of the audit. As a result of the audit, companies often find ways to improve their processes, not only to help the environment, but to save costs too.

Environmental compliance audits focus on a company’s operations and systems. A customized, detailed checklist-type protocol is typically used to conduct the audit. Environmental compliance consulting also may include questionnaires, site visits, records reviews, interviews with staff, and comprehensive facility inspections and compliance reviews.

During the post-audit phase, a written report is provided along with other action steps that may include staff review and training. The compliance audit report will not only document how well the company meets environmental regulations, but address any areas of environmental risk and recommend activities to solve problems and meet new regulations. The entire process is designed to promote environmental compliance solutions.

Conducting a compliance audit not only lowers the risk of violating environmental regulations, but demonstrates a company’s commitment to continually improving the environment.

About – Chokhavatia Associates:

Chokhavatia Associates has the best approach to environmental compliance audits. Chokhavatia Associates has extensive experience in conducting environmental compliance audits for various industries.

We have the highly skilled engineers, scientists and technicians to help companies with their environmental compliance management. We provide a customized environmental compliance audit for our clients to meet the requirements specific to their industry and to their specific facilities.

Environmental audits can be time consuming and costly. CA’s knowledge and proficiency in conducting these audits will expedite the process and save the client money. We also have our own state-of-the-art laboratory, which can speed up the time to conduct necessary analyses.

We will work hand-in-hand with the client’s staff to provide an environmental audit that not only documents the company’s compliance, but recommends ways to reduce environmental risks and promote environmental awareness.

Our dedicated team of experts can also provide environmental compliance training for a client’s staff members, and promote environmental awareness among employees. We will work together with our client’s team to develop practical, useful and timely environmental compliance solutions.