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Environmental Audits

Environmental Audit Services in India

What is Environmental Audit?

Environmental Audits are an evaluation tool which determines whether the practices and procedures of an organization are in compliance with the regulatory requirements. The principle aim of this is to safeguard the environment. This is gaining a lot of importance in today’s scenario because of the environmental concerns shown by the Government and various international organizations. Also there is general awareness shown by the public due to global warming and pollution related issues. Many companies are voluntarily carrying out Environmental Audit also issuing Environmental Audit Reports to prove that their products are Eco-friendly.

Our Approach to Environmental Audits

Today, conducting Environmental Audits have become a sound precaution rather than an option. We, at Chokavatia Associates have rich expertise in this field. We have successfully provided environmental auditing services for several chemical, organic chemical, pharmaceutical, cement, and oil extraction industries. This basically involves three phases: Pr-audit, Onsite-audit and Post-audit. We carry out all these phases in a through and systematic manner as per the governmental regulations. Our detailed questionnaire and document checklist covers various issues such as energy management, water management, air and noise monitoring and control, waste management etc. We also help in dealing with soft issues like staff training on environmental matters, traveling and transportation, and answering to inquiries and complaints.

Our Environmental Audits Services facilitates in improving environmental performance in the organization and involves employees at all levels. This in turn helps in creating environmental awareness and also optimizes the use of resources which further helps in building cost effective management strategies. This also includes identification of the facility compliance status and documenting it. In addition to this we also help the management in acknowledging present and upcoming polices and regulations. Our auditing methodology promotes assessment of regulated and unregulated hazards which also includes steps to be taken to control, mitigate, eliminate and stabilize potential risks and hazards.

Our team includes a group of highly efficient and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in developing Environmental Audits and generating this Reports with the latest and appropriate technologies. Our infrastructure includes a well equipped laboratory. We offer customized services as per our clientele requirements and the nature of industry. Our dedicated team helps not only in reviewing the management systems but also helps in identifying liabilities. We aid in assessing environmental performance and also promote environmental awareness.