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Due Diligence

Environmental Due Diligence

In today’s world of increasing regulation and litigation, due diligence is critical to the success of any civil or environmental project. The due diligence process typically consists of environmental services and takes place prior to or during preliminary engineering.

The purpose of due diligence consulting is to make sure that any and all potential impacts of the project are thoroughly investigated. Any problem areas can be addressed during design, and mitigation for negative impacts can be included as part of the project.

Due diligence consulting also examines possible existing problems with the project site, from property ownership to prior contamination.

Due diligence services may include environmental impact studies; research to determine historical or cultural impacts of the project; assessments of risk to health and safety; socio-economic concerns, land ownership and legal issues.

Taking the time and effort to complete the due diligence process can save huge amounts of future costs and grief. In addition to avoiding or mitigating negative impacts, the engineer can also find cost-saving solutions to include during design. And in most cases, a certain amount of due diligence will be required to obtain regulatory permits for the project.

Due Diligence Consulting Firm in India

Due Diligence Services

Environmental due diligence includes Environmental Impact Assessment studies to ensure that projects are sustainable and cause no harm to the area’s ecology. Environmental Management Plans are also part of the due diligence services.

Other forms of due diligence consulting include Feasibility Study Reports as well as Site Selection Surveys and Evaluations.

Environmental due diligence takes into consideration primary data, such as ambient air quality, water quality, land and ecological aspects of the proposed location. In addition, the studies may include several years of collecting and analyzing secondary data at the site.

Chokhavatia Associates are top-notch environmental consultants with vast experience in providing due diligence.

Chokhavatia Associates have performed due diligence services, including all of the above processes, for both public and private projects. Their commercial due diligence services includes numerous firms, including chemical, cement, vehicle manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries.

CA’s highly skilled and experienced professionals have provided Environmental Management Plans and documentation necessary for regulatory permitting. In addition, these plans often help the client to economically construct their project while ensuring sustainability for both the environment and the industry.

These impact assessments and management plans not only include detailed environmental analysis, but may include a review of other pertinent aspects of due diligence including:

  • Verification of property ownership, legal issues and impacts to neighboring properties
  • Site surveys and necessary testing to determine any existing issues with past hazardous contamination or land use
  • A review of pertinent socio-economic factors related to the project
  • Cultural and historical information for the project site to determine relevant impacts
  • Potential public health and safety concerns related to the project

During the entire process, Chokhavatia Associates team members also provide coordination and information for stakeholders to ensure the project proceeds smoothly.

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Chokhavatia Associates have a history of providing expert assistance with the entire due diligence process to provide a project that meets all regulatory requirements. Chokhavatia Associates is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction from the very beginning to the end of every project.