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Site Selection Surveys And Evaluations

Site Selection Surveys And Evaluations – The ultimate success of any project is directly influenced by the proposed location and site. So it is vital that due diligence is used in the selection of an appropriate site, and in the associated highly-detailed surveys and evaluations. Chokhavatia Associates has long experience of working with corporate and governmental clients, and we follow a well-structured process that takes into account the entire spectrum of issues and factors, each weighted and prioritised to a client’s specific circumstances and demands.

While an appropriate site can be determined by a single factor, in many cases multiple factors will influence the decision. Chokhavatia Associates has specialists to carry out surveys for large and small developments and infrastructure projects, from topographic surveys to internal building surveys of industrial, commercial or residential properties for refurbishment.

We are able to undertake a detailed evaluation of a project’s value. All variables – quantitative and qualitative – are considered in our evaluation methodology and summarised for clarity and ease of comparison.