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Master Plan

Engineering Projects Master Plans

Developing a vision and establishing mission-critical strategies for a project can be a complex and time-consuming process. At Chokhavatia Associates, we have the depth of experience and technical capabilities to prepare master plan that will encapsulate all the wants and needs of stakeholders.

One of the more important aspects of master planning is to provide a development path for the future growth of a site or community, and an effective master plan will provide practical, cost-effective current development opportunities, while keeping in mind future potential. At the same time there is a need to be sympathetic to communities, alert to budget constraints, and conscious of corporate or governmental priorities. The Chokhavatia Associates team fully understands the principals of building community support, using sustainable design methodologies and creating practical implementation schedules.

Our master plans are conceptual layouts – they integrate existing infrastructure, the planned next stage of growth, and the future potential of a location. They outline a logical, phased growth plan and indicate the maximum potential usage of a site.

A master plan of a site or project should be reviewed before each phase of construction because businesses, communities, government and designated usage requirements change over time.