ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2015

Disposal Network

The disposal network is designed for the disposal of liquid, gaseous and solid effluents. The disposal network for the liquid effluents are very much essential for the receiving bodies so that the impact on the receiving bodies can be minimized. The disposal of treated effluent in to the streams or marine disposal have the different impact compare to the disposal of the treated effluents on to the land when the treated effluent is used either for irrigation or for gardening. The land disposal of the treated effluent is irreversible criteria compare to the disposal of the treated effluent in to the receiving streams or marine disposal.

The disposal of solid effluents [sludge generated from the liquid effluent treatment operations] requires proper disposal. Any shortcomings in the disposal network of the solid effluents will create much bigger issues to the environment.

The disposal of the gaseous effluent depends on the meteorological conditions and improper handling of the gaseous effluent disposal will have a major impact on the human life as well as vegetation.