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Water Supply And Distribution Network

Water Supply System & Distribution Network Design India

Water Supply and Distribution Network: Satisfying the daily water needs of the people

Water supply by water supply distribution systems: Water is supplied to townships, cities, and municipalities from open water sources like rivers, lakes, etc. The water to be supplied is treated to make it suitable for human consumption. This treated water is supplied though pipes which can be circular, rectangular or square shaped. The water supply distribution system is generally designed as a huge network which has a start point called as the main source. The Water Supply Network System should be capable of satisfying the water requirements and also should able to distribute water at an optimum pressure. The design of water supply network should provide for the possibility for isolation and cutting the water flow at one pipe loop of the network, without interrupting the water distribution by the rest of the network.

Networking water supply

Chokhavatia Associates provide Water supply network designs to townships, cities and municipalities. We are highly experienced in planning, designing, constructing and commissioning water supply networks. We design the networks by considering primary factors such as the location, total water availability, rate of water supply required, and the total number of people the water should be supplied to. We customize water distribution network designs to provide optimum flow rate, to accommodate further growth and maintenance, and to preserve the chemical integrity of the water. The designs also aim at avoiding potential problems such as mixing of water sources, cross connections and back flow at the delivery point.

We at Chokhavatia Associates calculate certain physical and chemical aspects that are important for designing the Water Supply Network Systems. The various aspects considered during designing include the Hydraulics and the type pumps and control valves required to maintain optimum pressure; Surge events and their avoidance, requirement of service reservoirs, and booster dosing to control disinfectant level. Our water network supply designs include zonal networks and use pipes of predetermined high quality materials.

Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing the water supply networks with the latest and appropriate technologies. Our infrastructure includes a well equipped laboratory where we examine the water supply distribution system models. We customize the Water supply network designs and optimize the varying factors. Our designed Water supply network systems are put up for long service use, technically proven, and having maximum compliance with respect to the norms of regulatory authorities.