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Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants

Sewage Treatment Plants Design & Systems Consultants in India

Sewage and its treatment- Sewage is waste water carrying domestic wastes, agricultural wastes or overland flow. This is carried in sewers or drains. Sewage contains both organic and inorganic wastes; it also contains grit, solids, oil and grease. Sewage is treated in Sewage Treatment Plants to make it suitable for further disposal. Sewage treatment process involves three sequential treatment procedures these include primary, secondary and tertiary treatment. Waste water treated in sewage treatment plants can be used to recharge ground water and for agricultural purposes. Treating sewage is an absolute necessity as it helps in safeguarding public health, ecosystems, and also in conserving water.

We provide customized Sewage Treatment Plants

Chokhavatia Associates have immense experience in designing Sewage Treatment Plants for cities and townships, municipal organizations and private sectors. Chokhavatia Associates have designed, engineered, and commissioned Sewage Treatment Plants and Sewage treatment Package Plants. These treatment plants are developed on the basis of our client’s requirements. We also standardize different techniques employed in sewage treatment.  Our sewage treatment plant designs are in complete concurrence with the guidelines and regulatory norms of the state pollution control board and other regulatory authorities. We have successfully designed Sewage treatment plants for Vadodara Municipal Corporation, Vasavadatta Cement Sedam, Sterling Engineers, GE Apar lighting ltd, Mahudi Temple, M S Khuran Engineers Pvt. Ltd, etc.


Sewage treatment Plants: The most important waste water treatment technology

We optimize the pre-treatment, primary treatment, secondary treatment and tertiary treatment procedures involved in treating sewage.  This is done by analyzing the physical, chemical and biological contaminants present in sewage from a particular source. We use several sophisticated technologies like Membrane bio reactor, Surface-aerated basins, aerated filters, activated sludge process, extended aeration, logooning, etc in our Sewage treatment systems. By employing the best high quality materials and advanced technologies available, we ensure that our plants are efficient, reliable and cost effective. We also ensure that requisite BOD/COD/TOC levels are achieved.

Sewage Treatment Plants Consultants India

Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing the treatment plants with the latest and appropriate technologies. Our infrastructure includes a well equipped laboratory where we determine the procedures required to treat wide variety of effluents. We customize the treatment plants to our client’s requirements and also optimize the treatment procedures employed. Our designed treatment plants are put up for long service use, technically proven, economically viable to operate and having maximum compliance with respect to the norms of regulatory authorities.

Chokhavatia Associates have put up more than 28 years of experience with a global client base.  Our services in environmental sector include concept to commissioning of waste water treatment plants for the industries and sewage treatment plants.  Operation and maintenance contracts of sewage / waste water treatment plants, construction management and supervision including turnkey installation of the complete plant, environmental impact assessment studies and environmental audits, design of water supply and sewerage systems for the townships, environmental management planning and design of disposal structures.  The services in structural sector is for structural design of treatment units and overhead tanks, designing of intake well and its construction and supervision, design of bridges, culverts and ports.