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Rain Water Harvesting

Rain Water Harvesting Systems

Rain Water Harvesting Systems an effective way to conserve water

Rainwater harvesting involves collection and storage of rain water for further use. This technology is of utmost importance since potable water is not available to many regions of the world and other techniques, employed in making water potable, require high investment and expenditure costs. Presently, rain water harvesting is a simple and unique water saving technology. The installation and operation are very simple for this. The harvested rain water can be used in wide variety applications such as cleaning, laundry, irrigation, gardening, etc.

Our contribution for your water saving requirements

At Chokhavatia Associates we design and install rain water harvesting systems which suit our client’s infrastructure. We aim to provide sustainable consolidated water management solutions at affordable prices to ensure maximum water availability. We at Chokhavatia carry out a systematic methodology for this. This includes a conceptually prepared Plant report which comprises of suggestions and recommendations for the collection of rain water. We also provide information on the yields of rain water per year. We are privileged to provide a wide range of integrated water solutions to residential buildings, educational institutes, industries such as Pharmaceuticals, Food, Software, etc.

We mainly aim at providing commercial rain water harvesting systems to our customers ensuring maximum conservation of water with minimum chemical and energy demand. We achieve this by installing fully automated pumps which are of low maintenance and are virtually silent in operation.We also equip our water harvesting systems with the high quality products such as rain filters, rain water heads, water diverts and rain alerts to guarantee optimum yield. We provide information to our customers about the type of storage tanks needed based primarily on the design of their roof tops.

Our team includes a group of highly experienced and skilled professionals who are extremely dedicated in designing these systems with the latest and appropriate technologies. Our infrastructure includes a well equipped laboratory. We customize these systems to our client’s requirements and also optimize the products employed. Our designed rain water harvesting systems are put up for long service use, technically proven are economically viable to operate.