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Quantity Estimations

With over 30 years of experience, Chokhavatia Associate has the knowledge and experience to estimate the quantity of materials necessary for each construction project. Quantity estimation is a fundamental part of the planning and budgeting process and ensures that accurate quantities of materials are available to complete the project.

The quantity estimate is completed after a careful review of the project design plans, and a visit to the site location.

Site Review

The estimator will visit the site to assess how materials will be transported to the site and the quantity of materials that can be stored onsite. Materials may be ordered in smaller batches to accommodate limited storage and accessibility at the site.

Materials Management

The estimator will review the design plans and determine the quantity of every material required to complete the project. The materials include concrete and rebar, electrical and mechanical components, and materials for laying the construction foundation. Foundation materials include the volume of the earth to be excavated and disposed and the quantity of drainage material and fill. Accurate estimates are important so that materials are available to keep the project on schedule.

Labor Management

The quantity estimate will also include construction labor hours. The estimator will determine from the construction plans the number of staff and workers that will be on site during each phase of construction. The estimator will be mindful of scheduling enough available labor on a daily basis to limit over time pay and comply with budgets.

Budget Planning

The costs of materials and labor identified in the quantity estimate will be used to identify all project costs and develop an overall project budget. The quantity estimate will correlate with the project timeline and dictate purchasing throughout the project duration.

With years of experience, Chokhavatia Associates will accurately estimate the quantities for your project and reliability set expectations regarding the project budget.