ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2015

Project Supervision For Timely Completion

Project Supervision For Timely Completion – At Chokhavatia Associates your project will have many tiers of oversight to assure the project is completed in a timely manner. A project manager is assigned to each project and will directly manage the project from start to completion. The team leader tracks the project timeline, designates project tasks, completes site visits to monitor construction progress and communicates with the client.

Establish Timeline

The timeline of design implementation is established during the planning phase of the project. The project tasks are mapped sequentially to establish realistic milestones. The project manager oversees the timeline to assure that progress on the project is made.

Task Designation

The project manager will designate tasks to team members and set deadlines for task completion. The project manager will communicate with all related parties so that all tasks are completed in the proper order. The project team will frequently meet to discuss progress and address any issues that may delay the project.

Client Communication

The project manager will be accessible to the client to discuss project progress and milestone completion. The project manager will update the client regularly, and notify the client of any changes to the project timeline or delays in the schedule.

At Chokhavatia you will have a reliable project team delivering quality service and the confidence that your project will be completed properly on time and within budget.