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Procurement Of Equipment

Procurement Of Equipment – The type of equipment implemented in waste water treatment plant design is carefully chosen based on the treatment processes utilized and the types of contaminates that are present in the waste water that is treated. Chokhavatia Associates has decades of experience choosing the right equipment for each treatment system. The equipment specifications are a major factor that governs the performance of a treatment plant. Equipment choices are made based on known contaminants, treatment chemicals and potential fluctuations in pH, which may have a negative effect on the materials of some equipment. Equipment is chosen to be durable, long lasting and cost effective.

After a design concept is selected for a water or wastewater treatment plant, Chokhavatia Associates will work closely with vetted suppliers to find the best equipment and materials available for construction. The following considerations are made in equipment procurement:

System functionality

Each component of the treatment system is selected with careful consideration of connections and integration in sequence with other pieces of equipment to complete the treatment goals. Equipment is designated based on a the size of the footprint of the treatment system, consideration of piping between system components, and the ability to install sample testing ports to monitor the system.

Equipment Sizing

The size of the equipment is selected during the design phase to ensure the components fit together and the performance of the system is not over or under designed. If equipment is not available in a specific size the engineering calculations of the process must be reevaluated before changing the size of any component.


The cost of the equipment is minimized by comparing prices between many equipment distributors and purchasing the equipment with the lowest price that will meet the specifications of the treatment design. Lower cost equipment is only purchased if it meets all the quality standards of the design specifications.

Creative solutions

In special cases a treatment plant may be built by retrofitting certain tanks and components that already exist at the treatment facility. This may be an upgrade of an existing treatment system, or making use of already available tanks and mechanical equipment. Retrofitting of existing equipment can reduce costs and meet performance standards as long as the components are rendered safe and usable.

Turnkey Solutions

Chokhavatia has developed turnkey systems that are designed and constructed quickly because most of the components are pre-fabricated. These plants are designed for small to medium flow rates and can be quickly implemented at a reduced cost, compared a to a full-scale system. Turnkey systems may also be used to immediately treat an effluent stream while a larger system is being designed and built.