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Preparation Of Tender Documents

Preparation Of Tender documents, to communicate the detailed technical specifications of engineering designs. At Chokhavatia Associates tender documents are thoroughly prepared and include specifications for treatment plants, which contain details of all design components including civil, mechanical, electrical, piping and instrumentation.

Statement of Environmental Standards or Conditions

The first step in preparing a tender document is to determine the environmental specifications for a particular project. Environmental specifications may be required conditions by regulatory agencies or environmental considerations identified by the responsible engineer. The environmental standard shall be stated clearly in the tender document without modification. The environmental conditions and standards set the groundwork for the treatment system and should be considered in every aspect of the system design.

Project Specification

Once the environmental standard has been established the next subject in a tender document is a description of the project specification. The project details are discussed in this section while evaluating potential environmental variables related to the established standards that are a concern. The project specifics include the goal of the treatment system and the required treatment standard that must be met by the effluent discharge.

The proposed treatment technology is described thoroughly and may include metrics, which explain why a particular design was chosen to meet the environmental standard. This description may include data collected during feasibility studies and pilot test studies that were used as initial investigation to determine a final design. Design calculations and established assumptions are outlined to explain how specific equipment and treatment processes were determined and sized. A final design is presented with process and instrumentation diagrams as well as blue prints for system component sizing. Process and instrumentation diagrams will include details of the process train of treatment technologies, system power sources, electrical connections, chemical mixtures, mechanical components, computer instrumentation and system cycling.

Additionally environmental concerns that are related to construction of the system are addressed as part of the project specification. The subject site will be fully evaluated to identify environmental sensitivities and will be carefully remedied with preventative construction methods. The details of building structures that are related to the implementation treatment plant will be considered in the final design and the construction plan. The history of the project site will be researched to determine the presence of any hazardous materials that may interrupt or potentially impact the final treatment plant design.

The project specifications will also detail the operation and maintenance plan and explain the requirements for upkeep of the system, mechanically, chemically and electrically. Specific directions about chemical treatment processes of a design will be included to illustrate the methods for optimizing the treatment system and ensuring the treatment processes are completed as they were designed.

Timeline and Costs

Lastly, the timeline of the project is exhibited to establish milestones and deadlines so the project construction is completed in a timely fashion. The timelines will include events that must occur in a sequential order and link events chronologically.

Costs are detailed in the tender document to establish the project budget and form an agreement between the client and Chokhavatia Associates about what services, materials and oversight are included in project implementation.

Tender documents contain all pertinent information about a project and the compilation of this data must be thorough and complete to ensure all considerations are made in the planning stages so the implementation of the design is executed smoothly.