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VMC – Sewage Treatment Plant – Consultancy Services – Vadodara

Assignment Name: Consultancy services for Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) for 66 MLD flow
Country: India
Location Within country: Vadodara, Gujarat (VMC )
Name of client: MSK Engineering Ltd
Address: Khurana House

Narrative Description:

Operation and maintenance of 66 MLD STP at Gajarawadi for Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

The STP for 66 MLD was designed by us with complete detailed engineering. The STP consisted of inlet works, primary clarifier, aeration tank, secondary clarifier, sludge thicker, anaerobic sludge digester with gas mixing management and sludge drying beds.

The STP got the designed flow of 66 MLD from the very 1st day of the plant operation. The STP got the treated sewage as per the norms of BOD 20 mg/I and SS 30 mg/l .