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Jetpur Dyeing & Printing Association – Common Effluent Treatment Plant – Consultancy Services – Jetpur

Assignment Name: Providing consultancy services for CETP for 30 MLD flow
Country: India
Location Within country: Jetpur, Gujarat
Name of client: Jetpur Dyeing & Printing Association
Address: Kanakia Plot, Jetpur

Narrative Description:
Jetpur Dyeing & Printing Association has undertaken the project for CETP for collection, conveyance, treatment and disposal of the effluents generated from washing ghats of the members of the association at Bhat for 30 MLD.

The present CETP is put up for 30 MLD. The inlet COD to the CETP is 1500 mg/I to 1800 mg/I. After the plant is put up, CETP will achieve GPCB norms for COD of 250 mg/I. The treatment scheme consists of physic-chemical treatment with biological treatment and for mechanical sludge dewatering facilities, plate and frame filter press and belt press filter is provide. The total cost was RS. 46 Cr which include collection and conveyance cost for the effluent to the CETP.