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ETP Plant Design for International Clients

African Process Solutions, South Africa.


frican Process Solutions are one of the leading turnkey plant providers in South Africa. We have supplied the total effluent treatment plant to be put up for their client – a company bottling Coca Cola in Lubumbashi in United Republic of Congo. The entire effluent treatment plant is in steel structure.

Kendag Ltd.Kenya [Fish processing plant – Five at Tampa, Busia, Butakata, Kasansaro, Butiaba in Uganda and Three Plants in Kenya.


he fish processing plant were located at different locations on Lake Victoria. The fish processing effluent quantity was 500 cu.m/day with inlet COD of 800 mg/l for each plant. The treated effluent COD was < 60 mg/l. The major point for design was the industry was to receive the raw water for their industrial use from Lake Victoria and they have been given the permission to discharge the treated effluent at the same location.

Kraft Foods, Bahrain [through Culligan International LLC, Dubai]


he plant was put up to treat the cheese and soft drink effluents having total volume of 500 cu.m/day. In the initial stage, the company would generate the total effluent of 250 cu.m/day. The treatment plant designed in such a way that the future flow and organic load can be treated in the same plant by installing additional aeration capacity. The COD for the design was 4500 mg/l for the average flow and during the peak flow; it would reach to 10000 mg/l. The treatment plant consisted of online pH correction, equalization and activated sludge process. The treated effluent achieved COD of 150 mg/l against the limit of 450 mg/l.

Mwanza Fish Meal, Mwanza, Tanzania


wanza Fish Meal located at Mwanza, Tanzania is processing the fish and making the fish foods.  The effluent quantity was 10 cu.m/day with an inlet COD of 20000 mg/l.  Because of the fish processing it was very high in oil & grease content.  The effluent treatment scheme considered for treating the waste water consisted of physico-chemical process with aerobic biological treatment process.

Nyanza Bottling Co. Ltd., Mwanza, Tanzania.


he Coca Cola bottling plant generated 900 cu.m/day of effluent with inlet COD of 1300 mg/l. The entire scheme was approved by Coca Cola, Atlanta and Coca Cola, Atlanta gave us the registration as Approved Vendor for Africa for all their bottling plants. The treatment plant was put up to achieve the COD of < 60 mg/l, which is the norms for Tanzania for the plants located on the Lake Victoria. As per the requirement of Coca Cola, online fish pond was provided.

Oman Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals LLC, Al Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman [Ampicillin, Amoxycillin, Na-cloxacin, Cephalexin].


man Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals LLC, Al Burami, Sultanate of Oman The effluent treatment plant was designed for pharmaceutical bulk drug industry manufacturing Ampicillin, Amoxicillin and Na Cloxacin. After the treatment plant was put up, it was operated for the period of 18 months under O & M contract.

PRAN Foods Ltd., Bangladesh [Soft drink bottling].


ran Beverages Ltd., Bangladesh for their soft drink processing plants. The industry is making soft drink and the total effluent volume was 175 cu.m/day with inlet COD of 1200 mg/l. An aerobic biological treatment plant consisting of activated sludge process was put up to achieve the treated effluent norms of COD 100 mg/l.

Serengeti Breweries Ltd., Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.


he brewery plant was generating effluent quantity of 1200 cu.m/day with an inlet COD of 4500 mg/l.  The effluent treatment plant put up is having physic-chemical treatment followed with UASB reactor, integrated aeration tank and clarifier.  The treated effluent achieved COD of < 100 mg/l.

Somaliland Beverage Industry, Somaliland.


he bottling plant is for Coca Cola operations. The treatment plant put up is for 250 cu.m/day of effluent with inlet COD of 1300 mg/l. The treated effluent achieved COD of < 100 mg/l. As per the revised guidelines of Coca Cola, the fishpond should have DO of 4 mg/l, which was also provided.

United Coca Cola, Somalia.


nited Bottling Company, Somalia is the bottling plant for Coca Cola. The total effluent volume is 100 cu.m/day. The treated effluent has to achieve the COD of < 60 mg/l and pass through 100% bioassay test. The total cost of the plant is around USD 400000.