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Chokhavatia Associates [CA] have successfully designed, constructed, managed and operated over 450 biological treatment plants. The clients include the MNC companies like Coca Cola, Heinz, Glaxo, Abbott, GE, etc. besides the leading pharmaceutical houses of India, Dyes and intermediate industries, Sugar, Dairy, Food and Municipal Corporations.

The design experience is backed by the operational experience of the industrial waste treatment plants and domestic sewage treatment plants. The operational experience is of 30 years and the plants operated cover the Physico-chemical, biological [anaerobic and aerobic] processes, tertiary treatment systems and oxidation ponds.

The Representative industries and design parameters include:

  • Agrochemicals – 300 cu.m/day with COD 26000 mg/l
  • Breweries – 1200 cu.m/day with COD 4000 mg/l
  • Common Effluent Treatment Plant – 10000 cu.m/day with COD 1500 mg/l
  • Corn Starch – 1600 cu.m/day with COD 20000 mg/l
  • Dairy – 3500 cu.m/day with COD 3500 mg/l
  • Dyes and Intermediates – 2000 cu.m/day with COD 12000 mg/l
  • Edible oil refinery – 400 cu.m/day with COD 12000 mg/l
  • Fish Processing – 800 cu.m/day with COD 1000 mg/l
  • Food Processing – 300 cu.m/day with COD 3000 mg/l
  • Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs – 500 cu.m/day with COD 25000 mg/l
  • Pulp and Paper – 1200 cu.m/day with COD 5000 mg/l
  • Sewage Treatment Plant – 66000 cu.m/day with COD 400 mg/l
  • Soft Aerated drinks – 900 cu.m/day with COD 1300 mg/l
  • Sugar – 2000 cu.m/day with COD 2000 mg/l
  • Textiles – 3500 cu.m/day with COD 3500 mg/l
  • River pollution assessment studies
  • Design, construction management and operation of 66 MLD sewage treatment plant
  • Design and operation of anaerobic digester for industrial waste using gas mixing systems
  • Developing treatment scheme for high strength organic waste water with high concentration of total dissolved solids up to 3%
  • Operation and maintenance for sewage treatment plant of 3 MLD with a recycling and reuse system for flushing operations in the industrial township
  • Design and Operation of water treatment plant (rapid gravity sand filter) for a flow of 600 cu.m/hr.
  • Design, construction management and operation for a scrubber system for sulfur dioxide emissions.
  • Successful design and construction management of various structures by Associates.
  • Raw water Intake wells, Pumping system design, Pipelines for large capacity water supply projects.
  • Radial Collector intake wells including investigation necessary for locating them.
  • River works such as bridges, bank protection works, etc.
  • Harbor projects such as Jetties, Liquid and LPG handling terminal planning with ancillary tank farms.
  • Industrial Plants.
  • RCC, structural steel and priestesses concrete structures such as multi-storied Commercial, Residential, Institutional Buildings, etc.
  • Tall structures like Chimneys and transmission towers and shell structures.
  • Structural Design of Effluent treatment plants and sewerage pumping stations.
  • Computer Software development in structural engineering.