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Engineering Consulting Services

Quality is a word often used, but rarely lived up to. Chokhavatia Associates provide water resources engineering consulting & design services to their clients with 100% satisfactory results. At Chokhavatia Associates, we live and breathe quality. It is an essential element of our activities that we feel truly differentiates us from others. Every stage of every project is driven by a desire to be recognized for the high standards of our performance. We know that if we deliver the quality of work that our clients expect, we will grow and prosper.

At all times, our procedures, processes and consulting outcomes meet or exceed local, international, and industry standards, because we stringently adhere to all rules and regulations. When we operate in environments that are not subject to legal quality obligations, we abide by internationally accepted best-practice. In this way, we can always ensure outstanding quality and customer satisfaction.

Ever forward-looking, we continuously devise, develop and integrate new techniques and technologies into our designs and specifications to enhance productivity and performance.

We enable our clients to obtain desired results by:

  • Absolute professionalism and commitment towards customer satisfaction.
  • Establishing a foolproof plan and design.
  • Eliminating defects, if any, at every stage of the process.
  • Updating on the latest regulations and technology.
  • Offering value for our client’s money.