ISO 9001:2008 ISO 9001:2015

Company Mission

Top Environmental Remediation & Civil Engineering Companies

As an Environmental and Structural Consulting firm, we are committed towards providing our clients with sound infrastructure, and also help them in protecting the environment by employing various high-end pollution control technologies and environmental management systems. We hold the responsibility to deliver effective conservation solutions which lead to communal safety and betterment of our society.



  • Encourage innovation
  • Provide a safe and respectful workplace
  • Increase employee accountability and involvement
  • Recognize good work
  • Take pride in our work
  • Develop strong leaders
  • Promote esprit de corps


  • Be a good neighbor
  • Balance efficiency and excellence
  • Be responsive to diverse customer needs
  • Continuously improve products and services


  • Meet or beat financial targets
  • Maintain stable rates and charges
  • Maximize cost effectiveness in all programs and projects
  • Maintain high bond rating


  • Recycle 100% of wastewater products
  • Construct, maintain and operate wastewater facilities
  • Operate our system to avoid overflows and meet environmental standards
  • Integrate business functions across the division
  • Partner with other agencies, seek collaboration