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Jaipur – CETP/STP

JDA has undertaken the project for common effluent treatment plant/Sewage Treatment Plant for project report for construction of CETP/STP at Amanisha Nallah. Based on the combined effluent quantity, to give details of the total sewage quantity being discharged or the existing drainage network overflowing into the Nallah.

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Congo – ETP Plant

The effluent treatment plant to be put up for a bottling of Coca Cola in Lubumbashi in United Republic of Congo. The entire effluent treatment plant is in steel structure.

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Banas Dairy – Palanpur

An Effluent Treatment Plant based on Activated Sludge process is designed and commissioned by CA to treat 300 cu.m/day of effluent with inlet BOD 1500 mg/L.

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RSGBL – Pantnagar

Starch Plant – The treatment plant is designed for a flow of 2000 cu.m. Design and prepare detailed engineering drawing for this plant.

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Serengeti Breweries – Kenya

The effluent treatment plant put up is having physic-chemical treatment followed with UASB reactor, integrated aeration tank and clarifier.  The treated effluent achieved COD of < 100 mg/l.

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Vadodara Municipal Corporation – STP

The STP for 66 MLD was designed by us with complete detailed engineering. The STP consisted of inlet works, primary clarifier, aeration tank, secondary clarifier, sludge thicker, anaerobic sludge digester with gas mixing management and sludge drying beds.

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Inauguration of 30MLD Jetpur plant

Felicitated by Shri Mangubhai Patel (Hon’ble Minister, Forest and Environment,Tribal Development) on inauguration of 30MLD Jetpur plant.

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